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Resource Table - We love getting out in the community and putting up a table with information and services we provide. A staff member will be there to answer any questions you may have about our services, volunteering and internships.

All presentations will provide an overview of Tri-County Safe Harbor, Inc. services. Please indicate with your request which service you are requesting. Thanks.

                       Community Presentation and Table Request


Tri-County Safe Harbor takes pride in providing domestic violence, teen dating violence and sexual assault education to the community. To request a table or presentation for your next event please complete the following information below. Requests are met based on staff availability, although we attempt to fill all speaking engagements a request is not a guarantee a speaker will be available. Thank you.

Teen Dating Violence - What is Teen Dating Violence or what does it look like? Red flags and how you can help a friend who might be in a unhealthy relationship.

Time of presentation depends on the class size, generally need 30 minutes to an hour. Interactive games and questions for the students.

Digital Abuse - 71.9% of high school students will be cyberbullied once or twice in the school year. Digital Abuse is on the rise, every year young children are having to deal with harassment, sexting, stalking and more. This is a good presentation for children who need to be educated on how to stay safe on the internet.