24 Hour Help Line (906) 789-1166 or toll free at (800) 682-1649

 Our services are Free and 100% Confidential

To Load Appplication

  1. Put your mouse over the app you want and then right click on the mouse
  2. Click on "Copy Link Location"
  3. Open a New Window
  4. At the top where you enter the link,"Right Click where the links go, then hit "Paste & Go"
  5. Give it a few seconds to show up

To be a volunteer, you must be at least 18 years to answer help lines and be able to pass a background check. Younger people can also help out by starting a donations drive at their local school or church to help raise items from our needs list.

By becoming a volunteer, you can answer the help line, be a first responder, help maintain the shelter according to written guidelines, interact with the residents and assist with children or provide a child care during women's group. You can also receive and record donations and help care for the property.


Become a Board Member


Another way to get involved is to join our board. Become part of the discussion and help make a difference. Download the app below and email it to lynne@safe3c.com. To load app. Please follow instructions listed above.

For some, volunteering is a chance to make a difference, a way to give back to the community. Volunteering at Tri-County Safe Harbor, Inc. not only gives you the chance to give back, but to become a part of a great cause. If you would like to volunteer  email amy@safe3c.com or call us at 906-789-9207 Ext. 14.  

Monthly Needs List